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For decades WSE has been the benchmark in English language education globally. With the proliferation of digital offerings reducing the barrier to entry for new students, WSE wanted a digital-first way to engage prospective students.

WSE came to Reason to design and build a iOS and Android application that would act as a lead generation tool for their centres. Reason saw a bigger opportunity: to deliver a digital strategy that would drive leads into learning centres, build a new digital revenue streams and increasing their addressable market.

Our Role.

Digital Strategy, Product Design, Development


iOS, Android

8 weeks

to MVP

4 months

to in-market testing

6 months

to global delivery

How do we learn?

Structured in-person education has its role, but as smartdevices change behaviour, WSE saw a need for a digital-first interaction.

Research uncovered that customers prioritise convenience and informal learning through conversation. They want to practise by talking to their peers around the world, in a real-time environment, about topics they enjoy. They reported that this will enable them to be more adventurous in their learning and cricially for WSE, make them more likely to return.

Building the answer.

Combining user-centric experience design, storytelling and an iterative project approach, Reason delivered an integrated social and marketing platform with a mobile learning app at its core.

The app enables learners from around the world to have conversations with each other in a format that made practising fun. Using WSE’s existing foundational learning framework, the content allows users to see and track their progress, with built-in social validation features to provide real-time feedback.

Integrating the service into WSE’s global marketing platform enabled local centres to target and deliver meaningful content, based on an individual customers interests and proficiency, and dynamically offer relevant face to face courses via a seamless customer experience across the app, email and in person.

What did we learn?

Within 3 months, a pilot of the mobile platform was released to Vietnam and Columbia with an accompanying digital marketing campaign across paid search and social. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and as a result the platform was rolled out globally in early 2018.

This digital platform allows Wall Street English to deliver a digital-first offering. It differentiates WSE from the current market of rote learning services through social networking and informal learning, a global alumni and a blended learning environment, tailored to the individual.

Reason continues to work with WSE on digital transformation around the globe.

The results.

  • The app has an average 4.5 rating in the apple appstore from over 650 reviews
  • by June 2019, over 10,000 people had installed the app
  • the app resulted in 35% of users requesting information from WSE about courses