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Customer-led grocery innovation.

Branded experiences at the intersection of digital and in-store

Reinvigorating the instore experience

As the big weekly shop becomes less popular and people increasingly turn to meal boxes for ideas and inspiration of what to eat, Waitrose wanted to explore how existing digital platforms could increase in-store footfall whilst improving the consumer experience.

Our Role.

Product and Service Design, Customer Experience



10 days

to validated functional prototype


in-store shopping method created

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Rekindle in-store adoption

Waitrose needed a rapid ‘test & learn’ engagement that could prove and progress a series of hypotheses and clarify opportunities for users to engage with technology to enhance their in-store experience.

Waitrose was also keen to adopt new ways to collaborate, create and focus on solution-finding as a part of this project.

Fresh ideas to meet customer needs

We ran a Rapid Start session, bringing together a diverse team from Waitrose. We carefully designed the workshop to share skills and techniques and create ideas around a specific customer need.

We applied real-world experiences and customer insights to existing customer journey research to trigger emotional responses that we could use as the basis of our solution.

Personalised, Fast-tracked shopping

Within just 10 days, the project team identified a key scenario, built an HTML prototype, and tested several digital solutions instore.

The ultimate result was the creation of Quick Check - a self-scan solution that Waitrose rolled out in 2018.