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Financial independence for everyone.

Launching a fintech service with an established brand

Investing for the future.

Daily Mail Group Trust (DMGT) is one of the UK's leading media companies with a track record investing in successful digital innovation. Keen to build a new business that delivered value to one segment their audience, DMGT asked Reason to create a digitally-led personal investment service working within in the heavily regulated UK industry, with a product live in market within 4 months?

Our Role.

Service Design, Customer Experience, Design, Development



6 months

to validated business proposition


secure cloud based build

Looking after the pennies

Despite growing access to automated 'robo-advice' in some areas of financial planning, UK consumers still value being able to talk directly with a human adviser who is able to add context and provide personalised financial guidance and product recommendations.

Access to this kind of face-to-face service was hit by regulatory changes in 2013, which banned financial advisers from taking commissions from product providers. As a result, it became economically unfeasible for most advisers to deal with customers with less than £100,000 in assets. A large gap in the market opened up, with individuals actively seeking a solution.

The opportunity to close this 'advice gap' using technology was available to the first to market. Developing a hybrid approach combining a human touch would restructure the delivery of human financial advice and make it more affordable.

Low risk, high yield.

Reason designed and built the complete service proposition, coordinating a wide range of project stakeholders and rapidly advancing the client’s innovation initiative. Reason used ReactJS and Redux to ensure a fast and reliable user interface. In a highly regulated secure environment, Timber’s serverless architecture means there are no persistent units that could potentially be compromised. This allows for seamless and secured communication between the internal components, with no direct access possible from the web.

The project landscape called for a collaborative and structured approach that could easily capture the expertise, feedback and approvals of the different skill bases involved. Reason’s Agile methodology of fast sprints and quick turnaround releases allowed the team to iterate swiftly, with all the necessary checks in place to satisfy rigorous user-experience testing and regulatory controls.

Return on investment.

Avoiding the same structural limaitations of traditional solutions by building in a new tech environment allowed us to put products live in the market within six months, placing DMGT in a good position to test the market with real customers, and develop a product that is ground-breaking and scalable.

Timber continues to grow, and we are excited to be part of the future of financial advice in the UK.