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A secure, end to end digital service with a brandable experience

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SolidState create the finest portable inflight entertainment (IFE) solutions available. Many airlines lease aircraft with no pre-installed IFE system or are unwilling to invest the time and money required to fit a heavy, expensive and soon-to-be obsolete system in their cabin. SolidState solve that issue by providing apps on flyers own devices that can be accessed on board.

SolidState asked Reason to design and develop their native iOS app, including a high demand secure CMS to protect pre-release blockbusters and TV shows, whilst maintaining an ultra-fast viewing experience.

Our Role.

Design, Development, Product Strategy


iOS & MacOS

0 touch

solution for carriers


airlines adopted

Secure CMS

to protect IP

No average passenger.

With such brand diversity in the air, how do you deliver a consistent experience true to each airline's core values and user experience, which is intuitive to use, and also offers the level of security required to distribute content exclusive to the inflight experience across individual devices?

This is your captain speaking.

Reason’s entrepreneurial approach and deep collaboration with SolidState allowed them to rapidly find a solution that delivered threefold benefit to passengers and airlines; an elegant entertainment interface that passengers love to use, a sophisticated white-label desktop component offering a completely secure CMS to create and encrypt media packs, and the ability to roll out new versions of the app and its content across multiple device types, simultaneously and automatically.


Since launch SolidState has fast set the standard for portable luxury travel entertainment across the aviation industry. Their business model is challenging traditional IFE providers, recognising developments in technology in the consumer space.

With fast expansion, particularly in the Asian market, SolidState offers an attractive end-to-end, zero touch solution to airlines that don't need to take on the cost or weight of traditional IFE systems who are on the lookout for an additional revenue stream.