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Food delivery with a heart.

Helping a generation to stay active, connected and involved

Investing for the future.

Kerry Foods has grown from being an Irish farmers’ cooperative to a multi-billion Euro organisation. From Richmond Sausages to Bisto to Sharwoods, Kerry is a market leader with a long history of high-quality food under their own brands and private labels such as Innocent Veg Pots.

Kerry Foods saw a space in the market to offer their high quality, farm-sourced food directly to older consumers. They came to Reason to create a digitally-led, direct to consumer business in a new market.

Our Role.

Product & Service Design, Customer Experience, Business Model Validation, Website Development



8 weeks

to validated concept


strategic aquisition made

6 months

to full rollout: 400+ stores, in 40 countries

The proof is in the pudding.

Growing old isn’t what it used to be. There is no single definition of what it means to be an older shopper. Using Reason’s customer-first research framework, which places gathering a deep understanding of the consumer at the heart of the project, we sought to understand how older shoppers engage with food shopping.

The customer insight research highlighted that this generation placed a priority on making informed lifestyle decisions. As a result, we set a project vision to ‘help older people get on with living’.

We built on these insights and developed service concepts over a 3-day workshop. The cross-discipline team included designers, engineers, accountants, delivery drivers, chefs and more, to make sure we didn’t lose the real-world perspective informing the project. We identified three key behaviours that guided the core service concepts: staying active, staying connected and staying involved.

Food and friendship.

One thing that came through very clearly was the social role of delivery drivers. They often act as pseudo-carers, providing a helping hand. It became apparent that ‘food and friendship’ was a central theme for the new service. Reason’s customer research also identified ethical concerns, for which we created solutions designed directly into the service:

Content, provenance and quality of food: Itemising the source and credentials of ingredients, from farmer to chef. Your Kerry meals become part of your lifestyle choices.

Safety concerns: Providing both the customer and their family members with a live tracker that showed them the delivery process, including the driver’s contact details and up to the minute status and location reports. The service itself can reassure the family who is interacting with their relative and provide information directly to the customer.

The food that arrives: Avoiding unnecessary packaging, being simple to prepare and recycle, being nourishing, suitable and reliable. By addressing these concerns, Kerry bridged the gap between good food, social interaction and changing lifestyle needs.

A food revolution.

Within the eight week project, Reason assessed the competition and the market opportunity in delivering frozen meals, conducted market research to identify concerns and desires of potential customers, built working prototypes of the ordering system on desktop and smart devices, mocked up packaging, and tested the experience with customers, family members and delivery drivers.

Such was the success of the work at demonstrating customer demand and a clear revenue stream, Kerry Foods acquired an existing meal delivery business to fast track the realisation of such a service.