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Deutsche Telekom

A data visualisation platform at scale.

Making Big Data relevant and readable

Slowed down by data.

With 300m users across 14 countries, Deutsche Telekom gather a lot of data. Their Access Management division asked Reason to make sense of their internal reporting processes and create a ‘best in class’ reporting and communication dashboard that gave a single view for data on how they were meeting their KPIs.

Our Role.

Customer Research, Product Design, Development


desktop, tablet, large screen

3 interfaces

Responsive HTML/d3.js dashboard interfaces for tablet, desktop and TV screen


iterations of the service

Highly secure

CMS & dashboard

Dial up visibility.

Like many large, multi-national businesses, Deutsche Telekom often found it difficult to rationalise large data sets to report KPI progress across its multi-territory business. With no central repository for data created on a daily cycle to be stored, displayed or updated in real time, critical business decision-making was hampered by a lack of access to accurate information.

The teams needed a clear, intuitive solution that would allow the whole company greater visibility of the activity of diverse business units, without having to sift through endless spreadsheets. The goal of the project was to create a single platform to share the outcomes of the data rather than the raw figures – saving time and money, creating confidence and transforming the reporting from a printed to a digital format.

Call out the key facts.

Hosting a series of collaborative discovery workshops for DT, Reason was able to quickly get to the heart of the underlying data-sharing problem. Using a tailored Agile process of rapid prototyping built on top of existing data processes, we were able to work in collaborative teams, validating exact data and workflow requirements via real world testing.

This iterative, Lean approach enabled us to articulate a proof-led, transformative strategy for the project before exploring infrastructure options, capabilities and governance within the business.

Data visualised is data made useful.

Along with the flagship dashboard product, the Access Management Dashboard system now includes a phonegap mobile solution and a CMS to allow the uploading and editing of data.

Reason built this system whilst still facilitating a vast array of users and individual requirements and interaction modes as well as ensuring the utmost security of Deutsche Telekom's sensitive data.

In addition to creating a highly secure CMS controlled dashboard designed to be viewed on shared screens, the platform also provides:

  • Visualisation framework for consistent performance reporting
  • SMS PIN based security and restricted MSISDN access

Reason have the unique ability to turn grand ideas and concepts into real, engaging and useful products.

James Rowe

Director of new business and innovation