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Integrating Symphony for a global client.

Improving collaboration at enterprise scale

Adopting the fastest growing collaboration platform.

Our client, a global Investment Bank, required core Symphony platform on-boarding, then asked us to identify further opportunities to use the platform and deliver new products.

Our Role.

UX design, User testing & product validation, Software engineering, Systems architecture & data management




users on-boarded

< 60

seconds workflow turnaround

<20 seconds

New workflow, reduced from 10x minutes

More than just a messaging tool.

Symphony is capable of connecting within and between institutions. In a highly regulated sector, security and compliance is key to all operations.

Installing Symphony requires a careful on-boarding and rollout approach, which can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Reason conducted feasibility studies; investigated security models, content barriers, data archiving and worked with on-site teams to plan, implement and roll out Symphony across the organisation.

The true value of Symphony lies in its network.

Implementing the core messaging platform is only the start. Reason worked with several teams across the organisation to discover, validate and prototype solutions to use Symphony to create efficiencies across client content distribution.

Using the Symphony platform, Reason developed solutions to:

  • deliver market commentary direct from the trading floor,
  • connect the best content from editorial teams directly to client.

The results.

Symphony was rolled out to 5,000 users in 6 months. After the initial project was completed, Reason identified and delivered opportunities to use Symphony to serve content internally and externally. The result is a collaborative communication platform created between sales teams and over 2,000 clients.

As a result, the organisation was able to decommission existing legacy messaging platforms and reduce content workflow from tens of minutes to seconds.