Delivery Director

Working with smart, energetic people and sharing my passion for delivering software products and services is what drives me.

My mission as Delivery Director at Reason is to establish a first class delivery proposition that supports colleagues and clients across 3 key disciplines: Project Management; Product Management; and Business Agility.

Prior to joining Reason I spent 20 years helping global financial institutions to get stuff done, improve customer satisfaction, build products and reduce their lead time from idea to launch. My industry experience has provided the opportunity to work with large systems of multiple teams (60+), be part of significant digital transformation initiatives (c.800 people) and launch many products delivering high value for both customers and the client.

I'm a creative, enthusiastic human who loves learning. My approach to helping organisations and individuals improve the way they deliver software and adopt business agility is pragmatic and solution focused.

An active member of the Agile community in the UK, you can often find me facilitating, speaking, or creating graphic recordings at meet-ups and conferences. At home I’m a husband, father of 3 teenagers, with 3 dogs to add into the mix.