Design Director

I believe that people and businesses should shape the technology around them, not the other way around.

As one of the founding team, we wanted to develop a culture of curiosity & innovation, where we explore exciting digital opportunities, transform client businesses and achieve amazing outcomes. Helping great people and companies reimagine the future in ways they couldn’t accomplish alone.

Committed to putting people first, great outcomes are achieved through true collaboration; diverse perspectives, sharing thoughts, sparking ideas and making them real. At Reason we believe everyone is creative and deserves the opportunity to make change and do work they are truly proud of.

With 17 years of design experience at leading cross-sector corporates, global agencies and fledgling startups behind me, I continue to be inspired by the opportunities for change and the positive impact we have on our clients’ working experiences. Motivation comes not just through what we design or deliver, but through seeing new ways of working adopted as a consequence of our collaborations together.

I look to learn something from every interaction. And that’s what Reason is all about – continually exploring new approaches, building great partnerships and nurturing people to flourish and grow.