Technology Director

I demystify the challenges in bringing concepts to fruition, and shape the approach and architectural design of ground-breaking digital products.

I co-founded Reason to provide a fresh approach to digital transformation, introducing efficient digital products capable of accelerating clients' transition to a more digitally effective future. As Technology Director, I drive all aspects of strategic platform design, mitigating risk, cutting costs and accelerating delivery, factoring in all possible scenarios and future direction. This is exemplified by the wealth of successful projects for a large and prestigious client base.

We work in a productive, collaborative environment with robust processes, tools and frameworks to ensure first-class product development for our clients. Meanwhile, I make sure the best digital capabilities are also rolled out internally, boosting the entire team’s drive, focus and performance.

I am excited about the convergence of technology. We are on the cusp of significant societal developments – from energy and transport to communications and business, which will irreversibly shape the world we live in. Reason is on the right side of change – we help companies use digital in innovative, exciting ways to create lasting impact.