Head of Development

I’m inspired by the freedom of a blank page, by unravelling a problem and daring to experiment.

As a creative technologist, I strive for the most innovative solution, but always in partnership. I take people on a journey, collaborating to solve a challenge or create a brilliant product. For me, the technical solution is only part of the experience, it is just as much about great relationships. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver.

I imagine and lead the future of technology at Reason and thrive on navigating complexity, creating simplicity and accelerating digital transformation. With over ten years’ experience for global corporates, agencies and start-ups, I understand every aspect of launching a digital product and getting it to market.

I’ve always had a fascination with computers and my curiosity drove me to discover and innovate. Now I love working with the exceptional talents we have at Reason. There’s only so much you can do alone.

I’m passionate about bringing diversity and inclusion to technology, I believe that great minds don’t always think alike.