Operations Director

I have an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and I’m always looking at how we can improve — everything.

I co-founded Reason on the back of 15 years digital expertise for household names as well as start-ups that exited successfully.  I underpin Reason’s agile capability, being mindful that agile is not the goal, the outcomes it can deliver are. I’m looking for the 20% of work that gets us 80% of value.

Although my background is analytical and technical, I’m a fundamentally creative person.  I love using constraints and games to find new innovative solutions to any challenge.  I’m less driven by process and more driven by outcome, but I do love to know what’s going on under the surface. Both inquisitive and empathetic, I’m highly adaptable and work seamlessly across the business often playing a facilitation role. I connect with people and have the patience to listen and understand.  Reason is about developing, creating and putting together new experiences and services for our clients. We are radically focused on their needs and those of their customers. My role is to support those efforts by nurturing and facilitating an environment that is high-trust, playful and productive, and to bring the right teams together to execute against outcomes.

In the future, I want the people who have contributed to Reason to look back and think that it was the best place they had ever worked. Our people-centricity, diversity and openness are our secret weapons.