Practice Head, Product Design

I help clients solve practical and strategic problems and I empower designers to create and launch useful products with a touch of magic.

As Head of Product Design, I shape and support a design culture of trust where designers and clients can challenge, inspire and encourage one another to make the most innovative work of their careers.

Before arriving at Reason I enjoyed a varied 20+ year career where I was lucky enough to cut my teeth in multiple avenues like advertising, branding, UX, editorial and product. Expertise in both classic graphic design and user experience is rare, and I move between established and newer forms of design to gain the best from both. I am proud to bring this playful eclecticism to the work I do to arrive at uniquely useful solutions that blend the practical, the feasible and the experiential.

I encourage our team to learn, grow, experiment and have fun mixing the useful with the unexpected. I’m passionately loyal to the user, the team and the craft. Ultimately I want to get the best out of everyone involved and make users smile.