Marketing Director

Obsessed with the ‘so what’ factor, I want to showcase the tangible differences we make to clients.

At Reason, I bring a fresh perspective to marketing, concentrating on data to prioritise delivery. An early digital specialist, I provided commercial value through metrics before bringing those disciplines to more traditional media channels. Drawing on 13 years at Barclays, followed by five years of agency experience, I appreciate what clients want and need from an agency (and communicate this).

I’m deeply practical and seek out creative solutions to shape campaigns, content and events that raise awareness to engage new and existing clients. I target strategies that drive results, and I know the answers are always in the numbers - we should know exactly how our efforts impact business goals and, of course, revenue.

The people and the clients you work with consolidate the vision, objectives and offerings of a brand. Our team inspires me to plan new ways to promote our products and share our success. I thrive on collaboration, interesting conversations and seeing the insights we generate go back to clients.

I embrace challenges and I love the thrill of hurtling down a mountain on skis. In life and work, I want to be excited, have a clear line of sight, build momentum and bask in the buzz of crossing that finish line.