Head of Technology Systems

I draw on a wealth of technical expertise to deliver value and innovation.

My background in both agencies and full-stack environments has equipped me with advanced insight into all aspects of the technology life cycle. Over the last 17 years, I have worked in system architecture, dev ops, front and back end coding, enriched by valuable experience in design, sales and marketing. I have a thorough understanding of processes and dependencies, which allows me to jump in at any level on new client systems to pinpoint issues quickly and drive a project forward.

I confidently cover multiple industry sectors, managing and working on a range of diverse projects for high-profile clients, providing input for conceptualisation workshops and advising on regulation and policy.

I love the flexibility and variety of my work – every project is a new and exciting journey that demands a unique, balanced approach. As Head of Technology Systems, I ensure that we cover business-critical requirements, use the most appropriate tools and techniques, and, most importantly, have the client’s full support. We take great care to keep clients fully informed of progress, building up trust and mutual respect.

Our ability to simplify complex, technical jargon into clear language is key to breaking down a problem and building a loyal customer base.