Head of Engineering

I drive technology innovation to create new opportunities, remove client roadblocks and get the job done in super-quick time.

I’ve built products from scratch, been a Chief Technology Officer in a start-up environment and created two successful companies of my own. I have consulted in a variety of sectors and this is useful to me because the experience and knowledge allow me to quickly understand a new client's industry, terminology, and ways of working. I want my clients to feel they are in safe hands and can trust my recommendations. They know I’ll be honest.

As Head of Engineering, I understand the importance of design, precision and attention to detail to prevent a chain-reaction of costly delays. I see how all components of a system fit together and function, and align this with performance requirements and client end-goals.

There’s no substitute for hard work. I taught myself to code as a teenager and, although I don’t code anymore, I still want to push myself to the fullest every day. Joining Reason gives me the opportunity to do exactly that.

Because I’m keen to pass on what I know, I attend and host knowledge-sharing events and contribute to podcasts. I’ve been featured in magazines like Housing Technology and was listed in "Engineering Leaders in London Worth Watching" in 2020. In the far future, I want to focus on voluntary work in areas that have affected me but are still ripe for disruption and improvements.