Head of Experience Design

I supercharge teams of designers & researchers, making sure they’re ready to tackle any client problem, no matter how thorny.

We now solve more significant challenges than ever before - from launching entirely new propositions, to digitising complex enterprise processes - where there isn’t always a clear path forward.

I make sure our teams are ready to ask the right questions and have a good process and mindset to reach excellent solutions. At the same time, I’ll tirelessly advocate our work to clients, so they’re confident in what we’re doing for them (and why).

After training as a Software Engineer, I quickly discovered that I didn’t want to build just any product, I wanted to create something truly useful and delightful. This led me to study Human-Computer Interaction and join one of the first specialist UX consultancies in London - where I stayed for more than 10 years, joining the leadership team and helping to grow the company.

Over the years, I’ve led design projects that touched millions of people - from innovative augmented reality apps for paint visualisation to online banking, train booking engines and university application systems. I’m fascinated by untangling the complexity that comes with such fields, and I can’t wait to see what else comes next as human behaviour and technology keep evolving.

And because creativity isn't something you switch off when you leave the office, I also make time to write code, prototype “Internet of Things” products, take photos, fly drones and build bikes.