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Symphony is a flexible collaboration tool for the secure and regulated sectors. The extensible platform is becoming an integral utility for any organisation with complex needs to build tools and automation that help your organisation gain the edge over competitors, achieve regulatory compliance, cut costs and reduce error.

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How we do this.

Build apps and bots for workflow automation

Our teams have a deep understanding of Symphony's APIs, SDKs,development environments and production release considerations. Using Agile methods, we iteratively produce designs, production-ready functionality and documentation to deploy and maintain solutions in production.

Integrate Symphony with your existing systems

We can help you identify opportunities and solutions to solve bottlenecks, avoid human error and automate complex workflows. Our experience means we can identify potential security, compliance and legal risks before they become a problem.

Third party system integrations

We can create custom integrations with other systems you may already have invested in. Using experienced teams of designers, engineers and system integrators, you will be able to access existing systems through Symphony. Reason has built integrations for tools such as Jira, Bamboo and BitBucket.

Reduce errors and save time across your organisation

Reason is the most experienced delivery partner globally for Symphony. We work with Symphony’s architecture and security teams to ensure our builds are properly integrated, pen tested and approved.

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