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The company

We’re an independent digital product studio of 45+ friendly and focused individuals, with an international client list of global brands. We build long term partnerships with brands seeking digital transformation. With user-centred design at the core of our approach, we work hard to understand their underlying needs. Together we explore the most effective route to deliver change that matters, hence the work is always varied, interesting and challenging.

Diversity Statement

Reason is committed to making a measurable positive impact on people's everyday lives. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We believe diverse teams help us make better products and services and actively hire for cultural growth. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicity, stories and backgrounds. While we are moving in the right direction, we know there are things we have to improve and we will strive to do so.

The team

We are a multi-disciplined group with a shared passion for delivering successful projects and products for our clients. With core propositions in project mgmt, product management and Agile, we pride ourselves in being flexible and able to offer the right support based on client needs.

We are ardent learners, continuously honing our skills, tools and practices to ensure we as individuals and as a delivery team are performing to the best of our ability.

The role

We are excited to meet Agile Coaches who share our passion for all things agile and product delivery. Below are the key areas you can add value to clients and colleagues:


You hold confidence in your ability, but do not believe you know all the answers. Comfortable creating and responding to change in uncertain environments. Key tenets:

  • Transparency: we all know what is going on
  • Adaption: It’s okay to change tactical direction
  • Inspection: check your work and seek validated learning constantly
  • Growth: You’re always looking to learn and improve

Delivery of value

This is a primary responsibility. Focussing on outcomes and increasing flow of value to our clients and their customers. We want small units of high value to flow through to end customers at a predictable cadence. Your focus here is at the system level, rather than individual team level.

Team cohesion and collaboration

There should be a natural gravitation towards facilitating communication and alignment across teams. By default we typically assign agile coaches when clients are either; operating at scale with multiple teams in a value stream or product portfolio; launching a new agile transformation initiative.

Reporting and oversight

Create and contribute to reporting and metrics, maintaining transparency as a key value. Your focus here is at the system level, rather than individual team level.

Supplementary to this, the Agile Coaches support teams in several ways:

  • Relentless pursuit of continuous improvement across the system
  • Mentoring Scrum masters
  • Coaching in self management & collaborative practices
  • Nurture the growth of agile maturity with teams and organisations
  • Help establishing empirical product planning principles in complex environments
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement as required and needed
  • Work with the client to establish ways of working (WoW)
  • Helping stakeholders understand and enact empirical approaches for complex work.
  • Ensure communication channels are clear between teams and stakeholders.
  • Being flexible and adaptive in nature. Pragmatic in approach

Required Experience

Minimum of 5 years experience of at least one area of Lean or Agile be it

  • Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming and variants
  • Regular attendance and contribution to agile community events

Complimentary Experience

Experience with any ‘scaled’ agile frameworks.

Additional areas of responsibility

  • Consultation & supporting new business
  • Work with the Reason team to properly plan out, allocate people and cost projects
  • Identify opportunities for additional work with clients
  • Create and facilitate workshops for colleagues and clients as relevant topics emerge

Project Management, Governance and Control

All projects at Reason - regardless of methodology - adhere to common standards. It is expected that all Agile Coaches have awareness of:

  • Project Budget and Financial Management - reconciling estimates, actuals, forecasts, reporting on revenue recognition, invoicing
  • Able to facilitate roadmapping and estimation for the production of a “first backlog” or schedule of work.
  • Risk Management and the ability to report objectively and accurately on project health
  • Stakeholder management and the ability to consult with clients, manage expectations and when necessary, have difficult, diplomatic conversations
  • Facilitating retros / lessons learned sessions and ensuring learnings are applied

Client perspective_

As we’re an agency, we bill your time to clients. For agile coaching this could fall into 4 areas of service.

  • Strategic Support - When a client is looking to design an agile transformation initiative and wants advice and guidance
  • Consulting support - When a client needs help to launch or implement an agile transformation initiative
  • Coaching support - Clients need to build momentum for their existing agile transformation, or need some
  • Education - Clients need training and coaching. (This will only be offered alongside one of the above areas of service and never as a stand alone proposition)

Alternative job spec:

For any candidates with a preference for visual information, here’s something you might find easier to digest:

Animal job  - agile coach

If you think this could be the right role for you, we would love to hear from you. Even if you’re not sure you match all the stuff listed above, come and talk to us anyway!

Meet your team

Your manager at Reason will be Delivery Director Noel Warnell. With over 20 years experience delivering software solutions and 10 years leading large scale change initiatives, Noel is an experienced practitioner who is seeking to build a first class delivery team at Reason.

Supporting Delivery & Agile at Reason is Operations Director and co-founder, Jim Head. Jim has 15 years of experience in digital product, an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and is always looking at how we can improve and support our people in the right way.

Our Values


What about Covid & flexible working?

Right now, we’re operating a blended remote working & in-person model, with the office open (with Covid-safe measures) for face to face meetings and for anyone who wants a change of scenery. We’ve given as much support as we can for people to work comfortably from home, and will continue to do this.

We’ll likely have a minimum number of days in the office (e.g. once or twice a week), probably aligned to specific project/client meetings, with flexibility to work elsewhere for the rest of the time.

So if you’re interested in the role but can only commit to come to the London office for a few days, don’t let this be a barrier - we’ll be happy to discuss your individual circumstances. And when it does become more common to head back into the office, you’ll be pleased to find:

  • space for collaboration and meeting pods for quietly joining remote/hybrid meetings
  • a pet-friendly & bike-friendly office
  • two huge roof terraces (for when it gets sunny)
  • fully-stocked company kitchen (request your favourite snacks!)

Want to apply?

Email with a short cover letter and your CV...