We joined BIMA!

August 22, 2018

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Reason is proud to announce its membership of BIMA, the British Interactive Media Association.

BIMA connects the thought leaders, champions and change makers of Britain’s digital economy, driving innovation and excellence across the industry. As a BIMA member, Reason can contribute to the local digital community via initiatives such as Digital Day, which sees businesses inspiring young people to explore careers in digital.

Nationally, BIMA membership enables Reason to contribute to the state of the art via thinktanks in the latest technology, or join BIMA’s councils and help drive the digital agenda in topics ranging from young talent to diversity to regional representation.

Reason is also set to find that BIMA membership connects the business with like-minded people, and gives the whole team access to a wide range of training and networking opportunities.

BIMA president, Natalie Gross, is pleased to welcome Reason to the BIMA fold.

“Every additional member gives BIMA a stronger voice, and enables us to drive more innovation and excellence across the digital industry, in every part of the country. I’m delighted to welcome Reason to BIMA and I know they will find membership hugely rewarding.”

Hanna Cevik, Marketing Manager, said:

“Joining BIMA is a key way for Reason to connect with industry-leading colleagues. We're keen to make the most of the insight and experience available, and share our expertise with our peers and the wider community.”

Take a look at some of the work we've done with BIMA