Catch CTO Karl in Hong Kong.

May 08, 2018

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Reason CTO Karl Schulenburg is attending Symphony Innovate Asia on 7th June to discuss the game-changing opportunities for financial services institutions using the “Bloomberg killer” messaging platform.

Symphony Innovate Asia 2018 will bring together 200 industry-leading IT and financial executives, developers, and thought-leaders from across Asia to discuss how technology is shaping the way work is done across the financial services industry.

Symphony is increasingly powerful as a communication and workflow automation tool. At Innovate Asia, the agenda will define the evolution of the latest features, extensions, and integrations of the Symphony platform and its partners. Reason is the most experienced Symphony partner in the UK, with experience integrating, identifying and building the future of FS tools for Tier 1 clients.

Karl will be available throughout the day to talk delegates through Reason’s experience. We have worked with several Tier 1 banks to integrate Symphony core services, identify and define new applications and services to deliver value from the Symphony network and build applications and services to drive efficiencies, manage workflows or offer new services to clients.

Symphony Innovate Asia 2018 is an invite only event - please contact your Symphony representative to secure your invitation.