Lean, validated novel.

July 11, 2013

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Design & Strategy Director

Following on from an interesting conversation with some gents in the publishing game my thoughts wandered. Unlike it’s musical counterpart, the publishing industry has adapted well, with its bottom line largely unaffected by the digital revolution.

But as digital consumption begins to overtake its more tactile and inveterate paper fellow, will we see a shift not only in the consumption of such works but also in the way they are written?

Books have a certain interaction paradigm associated with them; sit and read, start to end, one story; one experience. But as technology shifts and shapes our consumption patterns and attention spans, will we see a change in literature… like editors changing books to suit multiple audiences, or authors adding chapters based on feedback and validated learning. The ability to insert alternative endings and story updates with ‘in book purchases’.

Are we going to see the death of authors pouring their heart and soul into each paragraph, painstakingly choosing the right word to construct the perfect sentence, telling their story the way they wanted to; culminating in the ‘perfect product release’ or are we to see a new form of ‘Lean’ User-Centered Novel.

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