Digital Day: school report.

November 23, 2018

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BIMA Digital Day has been running for six years, with the aim of showing school children the diversity of roles available in the digital industries, and the kinds of skills that you need to do those jobs. Stef, Todd and Hanna spent the day working through three briefs with groups of Year 9 students to create digital solutions for real-life challenges from The FA, Vodafone and the BBC.

Here's what some of the students thought of the day, in their own words!

What we thought of coding and IT before:

For me coding and IT was a way of creating websites or any digital technology related to computers. However, I didn’t know how people code and how coding can help.

Coding and IT for me before was quite different (especially coding) because I thought coding was only carried out one way, but it can be more complex such as when CSS (cascading style sheet) is used to link files and keep them resistant, which can help in real-life such as any time you want to create a website; the pages must look the same.

Experience of the day:

The BIMA digital day helped explain to me the digital and technology combination, what is can you create out of the combination of two.

After experiencing that day, I decide I would like to do marketing as an official career. This was only possible for me because when we were handed the challenges, I began to understand the concept while working through the booklet.

Digital has now become a big part of my life because I am now loving the concept of it. Today I had great fun doing computational thinking challenges, the difficult question and riddles which were challenging yet fun at the same time. I would like to do this again if possible.

Future thoughts of IT & Digital:

In the future I would like to go ahead with computer science and perhaps make a career in the digital industry. I would love to do this subject as it interests me the most; it is creative.

Another major reason is that the world is going all digital, for example online shopping, gaming, and communication. Not only these, but many services can be achieved digitally. Also, there soon will be jobs in the digital industry that are not available now but will be opened up in the future.

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