Connecting: a Microsoft film.

December 23, 2013

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Design & Strategy Director

As you watch, you’ll see a general consensus on a few really important points. They’d make a decent poster:

Connecting: a Microsoft film from Reason on Vimeo.

  • Our phones demand too much attention, detracting from our real experiences.
  • Analog metaphors are making less sense on digital devices.
  • We’re waiting for new paradigms in experiencing media like text on screens.
  • UX is a living, somewhat unpredictable thing. All experiences need to be fluid and flexible now.
  • You shouldn’t just try to understand a product. You should try to understand its connected network.
  • An “Internet of things” – countless connected sensors – is coming (and here).
  • All of our information feeds into something larger than ourselves, a “superorganism” or “colony” of digital information.

The hive mind got so big that greater Internet thought is now manifesting locally (think Egypt’s uprising or Occupy Wall Street).

We've made a couple of videos too - watch them here