Thoughts and recommendations from the Reason team

Hanna - 2019-06-03

Reason at Innovate Asia 2019

We look forward to seeing you at the Innovate Asia conference run by Symphony on 13th June at the Westin Singapore.

Stefania Parousi - 2019-05-31

Can brands save us, if governments are failing to?

Citizen-led activism is flourishing, and has been challenging governments & companies to address social & environmental issues.

Hanna - 2019-04-09

Join us at London's biggest serverless conference

After two days of workshops on 9th & 10th, the conference will run as a single track on all things serverless on 11th July. We'll be there - we hope you will too!

Douglas Walker - 2019-03-08

Creating a custom Swrve bridge for React Native.

There is react-native-swrve which does a fantastic job of integrating Swrve SDK with React Native. However, we discovered that the library sends generic events prefixed with the word “action.” to all our events... there’s our blocker.

Amale Ghalbouni - 2019-02-26

The road to Oscar nomination.

When we worked with Guardian Documentaries in 2018 one of their stated aims was to win an Oscar - we're psyched to see them nominated already!

Michael Dingle - 2019-02-20

From Design Sprint to Empathy Amble.

I spoke at Design Thinking London last year, (and wrote a subsequent blog post) on why I decided to ‘break up with design sprints'. So, if not design sprints then what instead?

Ovidiu - 2019-02-08

ServerlessDAYS Cardiff 2019.

My thoughts on Serverless, after attending the ServerlessDAYS conference in Cardiff, Wales.

Hanna - 2019-02-04 meetup - 20th March. runs a meetup at the Reason offices to discuss real-life issues facing those working with cloud computing, serverless architectures and FaaS.

Jim Head - 2019-01-03

Great Product Owners in Agile are a unicorn.

The right product owner has a huge multiplier on the outcomes the team can achieve and is generally considered a key role for success.

Hanna - 2019-01-02 meetup - 23rd January.

Reason's serverless tutorial site runs a meetup to workshop real life issues facing those working with serverless architecture and FaaS.