Thoughts and recommendations from the Reason team

Jim Head - 2019-10-15

Three tips for running better retrospectives

Retros are valuable, and can be improved (in our experience) by remembering these tips.

Sascha McLeod - 2019-10-08

The Lost Art of Planning.

Why, more than ever, we need to be great planners.

Jim Le - 2019-10-01 meetup - 17 October 2019

It's been a while but we're back and we're excited to bring you another edition of our serverless meetup in October!

Hanna - 2019-09-23

We won at the Symphony Hackathon!

We’re super proud to have won at the London Symphony hackathon in September! Here’s the details of our sentiment aggregator survey tool...

Andrew Muir Wood - 2019-09-13

Super senior stakeholder research.

What we learned from conducting remote research in a large financial services organisation.

Jim Head - 2019-09-09

SoDA Nashville rocked!

Reason was voted onto the Society of Digital Agencies in early 2019. In August, I attended the AGM with a couple of my co-founders.

Karl Schulenburg - 2019-09-02

See you at Symphony Innovate New York 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at the Symphony Innovate conference on 3rd October at Centre415, New York.

Hanna - 2019-08-27

Likeability - the price for female leadership?

The extra burden on women in the workplace to combat preconceptions & stereotypes is another proof that we are no way near gender equality.

Daniel Robert Prieto - 2019-08-21

Design at Reason: August 2019.

This August there's been one idea grabbing our attention: how can we systematise growth?

Devni Liyanage - 2019-08-12

Workplace diversity needs an intersectional approach.

Discussions around diversity are often focused on gender diversity, particularly on the lack of women in tech. Although this is important, it’s crucial for diversity discussions to consider the intersections of race and gender.